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Milanes Foils have been manufacturing centreboards and rudders since 1975, helping dinghy sailors achieve top results in Olympic and National classes. The business is run by Phil Milanes, who has been at the winning end of dinghy racing most of his life. Our team work diligently to produce a personalised high performance product to suit your weight and skills.

Our foils have, for example, won Olympic silver (Finn and FD) and Gold (Finn) as well as World Championships in 420, 505, Contender, OK, Enterprise, Cadet, Mirror 10 and Fireball to name but a few, classes. We have also achieved National Championship wins in over 20 other well known Dinghy and keelboat Classes.

We also manufacture and supply rudderstocks in various materials, including wood, foam, glass, and carbon.We have templates for most of the National and International classes and within specific rule limitations we endeavour to produce the most efficient shaped foils taking into account minimum drag and maximum lift characteristics.